The Next Novel is On the Way

September 5, 2016

Battling the post-summer blues

Ahem. **mic tap** So, it's Labour Day. Which, as we all know, means the end of summer (here in the northern hemisphere, at least!). My kiddos go back to school tomorrow. We'll have a few last gasps of hot, sticky weather, but the nights have already started to cool.

We've had a few really gross winters here, with extremely cold temps, a ton of snow, and they seemed almost never ending. When this summer began, I promised myself I was going to make the best of it. I think we succeeded: we went to the beach twice as often as we usually do. We went on a great family trip where we saw parts of Ontario that we've never been to before.

And now I'm thinking, why can't I make the same commitment to myself for the fall? I don't usually mind September & October too much (October has my anniversary in it, after all), but November is a challenge. Daylight savings ends, it gets dark at five o'clock, the leaves are off the trees, and the world is grey, brown, dark and damp.

This November I plan to participate in NaNoWriMo, which should be pretty consuming in itself. But I also want to develop a plan to keep myself from getting bummed out during that month between October's fiery beauty and Christmas celebrations.

I'd love to hear your suggestions (bearing in mind that our thanksgiving in Canada is in October, not November)! Please leave them in the comments, below. Thanks! xoxo

June 12, 2016


There are no words for how angry and heartbroken I am at the senseless killings of dozens of people in Orlando early this morning. There are so many issues at play in this situation: Hatred. Intolerance. Gun control. Mental health. The right to every person on earth to live their authentic life, free from fear that their government or fellow citizens or even their families may decide that this person's life threatens them to the extent that they feel entitled to commit murder. In the name of whatever god they worship? If your god wants you to murder others to make him happy, YOU'RE WORSHIPING THE WRONG DAMN GOD. ‪#‎orlando‬ ‪#‎lgbt‬ ‪#‎pride‬ ‪#‎ally‬

The City of Orlando is maintaining a page with the names of the victims of this morning's shooting, as they are identified and their next of kin notified.