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Battling the post-summer blues

Ahem. **mic tap** So, it's Labour Day. Which, as we all know, means the end of summer (here in the northern hemisphere, at least!). My kiddos go back to school tomorrow. We'll have a few last gasps of hot, sticky weather, but the nights have already started to cool.

We've had a few really gross winters here, with extremely cold temps, a ton of snow, and they seemed almost never ending. When this summer began, I promised myself I was going to make the best of it. I think we succeeded: we went to the beach twice as often as we usually do. We went on a great family trip where we saw parts of Ontario that we've never been to before.

And now I'm thinking, why can't I make the same commitment to myself for the fall? I don't usually mind September & October too much (October has my anniversary in it, after all), but November is a challenge. Daylight savings ends, it gets dark at five o'clock, the leaves are off the trees, and the world is gr…

World War II love letter professes love of one soldier for another

World War II love letter professes love of one soldier for another · PinkNews

There is so much "scope for the imagination" in this letter. Imagine what their lives could have been...


There are no words for how angry and heartbroken I am at the senseless killings of dozens of people in Orlando early this morning. There are so many issues at play in this situation: Hatred. Intolerance. Gun control. Mental health. The right to every person on earth to live their authentic life, free from fear that their government or fellow citizens or even their families may decide that this person's life threatens them to the extent that they feel entitled to commit murder. In the name of whatever god they worship? If your god wants you to murder others to make him happy, YOU'RE WORSHIPING THE WRONG DAMN GOD. ‪#‎orlando‬‪#‎lgbt‬‪#‎pride‬‪#‎ally‬

The City of Orlando is maintaining a page with the names of the victims of this morning's shooting, as they are identified and their next of kin notified.

Gay teen's exended family crowdfunds escape attempt from gay "conversion" camp

A 17-year-old East Texas girl identified only as "Sarah" recently declared her intention to take her girlfriend to prom. Instead, her religious parents decided to send her to a year-long gay conversion "camp" in rural Texas. This outraged the girl's extended family (plus, what kind of camp lasts a whole year?!) so they're taking action. And they've got thousands of Internet strangers on their side.


What Trans Men See that Women Don't

This is a pretty interesting read, from a small group of individuals who have had the opportunity to experience both.

Courage; and Grace, Too

Canada is in shock.

Gord Downie, lead singer and songwriter of legendary Canadian band The Tragically Hip, has been diagnosed with a glioblastoma, an aggressive brain tumour that is incurable.

Gord Downie has terminal cancer.

Canada is heartbroken. 

The Tragically Hip is from Kingston, Ontario, about twenty minutes from where I grew up. This band has been a fact of my life since 1987. They've been the background music of my life since I was twelve years old.

There are so many memories of their music during my school years that it's difficult to choose one from during that time. The memory I want to talk about actually is almost exactly twenty years old - May of 1996.

I was in Ottawa with my husband for the annual tulip festival. We were waiting in line at a BeaverTails stand, staffed by 8-or-so university-age students. The radio was playing (loudly) in the stand. And this song came on:

And the crowd. Went. Wild.

By the crowd, I mean the crowd of students in the BeaverTails s…

San Diego Gay Men's Chorus faces homophobic 'nightmare' at Padres game

I am FURIOUS after reading this article from LGBTQ Nation. The San Diego Gay Men's Chorus were invited - INVITED - to sing the national anthem before last night's Padres game. When they began singing, instead of their own amplified voices being broadcast throughout the stadium, a recording of a woman's voice was broadcast. Nothing was done to stop the playing of the recorded voice.  No action whatseoverwas taken by anyone in charge of the sound or music in the stadium:

"No attempt was made to stop the recording and start over. No announcement of apology was made to the singers or their friends and families in the stands. No attempt to correct the situation occurred other than to force the 100 men to stand in the spotlight of center field for the song’s duration and then be escorted off the field to the heckles of baseball fans shouting homophobic taunts including 'You sing like a girl.'"

This is unconscionable. A member of the San Diego Padres sta…

Books books books!!

Books to sign, requests to fill! :)

(see full image)

Boston Globe’s Sacha Pfeiffer on How Hollywood Got ‘Spotlight’ Right

This is apropos of nothing, and the article is a few months old, but I really, really enjoyed this movie and applauded the fantastic acting. I'm really glad to hear that Sacha Pfeiffer approves of both the writing and the acting in this fantastic movie. I was so glad it won Best Picture, and I understand why it didn't win any of the acting awards - how can you single out one spectacular actor in such a powerful ensemble?

Boston Globe’s Sacha Pfeiffer on How Hollywood Got ‘Spotlight’ Right

Borel’s counterpunch blindsides Henein, knocks out Ghomeshi

While Ghomeshi's "apology" was laughably insufficient, I love this take on Kathryn Borel's subsequent statement. 

From the National Observer: Borel’s counterpunch blindsides Henein, knocks out Ghomeshi

Nature Challenge Day 2

#lovenature #30x30challenge Day 2. Evening walk with my girl past Shrek's Island.
(see full image)

30x30 Day 1


Gay teens go to prom in West Virginia

What a sweet story, and what a couple of adorable boys! So glad they were able to go together, and weren't hassled by school officials or students.

Harris Wofford has had two great loves: his wife of 48 years and his soon-to-be husband.

From Upworthy: Harris Wofford has had two great loves: his wife of 48 years and his soon-to-be husband.

Wonderful article about how love can take us by surprise, when we're not looking for or expecting it. we just have to be open to it.

The 30x30 Nature Challenge

David Suzuki is challenging everyone, everywhere, to spend 30 minutes in nature, every day, for 30 (of the 31) days in May. Having grown up in Canada, David Suzuki has been part of my life, all my life. I love this challenge because it comes at the exact time of year that is best for my soul.

I also am going to challenge myself to blog a photo or description of every day I spend outdoors in May. The real challenge for me will be figuring out how to post from my phone, because I don't fire up my laptop daily.

In any case - in the month of May, consider taking the 30x30 Nature Challenge with me. Let's do it for our health, for our mental wellness, and for love of nature! #lovenature

Everyone needs love

Courtesy @FitzRoyUK

(This is lovely.)

Everyone needs - deserves - love.

Honey Maid celebrates diversity in touching new television ad

Honey Maid celebrates diversity in touching new television ad – LGBTQ Nation

Honey Maid has included all kinds of families in their "This is wholesome" ad campaign, including a family with gay parents. My favourite takeaway from this article: Honey Maid printed out all the hate mail they received and arranged the pile to spell out “Love.”

Romance novels or romance series?

Recently Goodreads posted their Best of 2015 genre lists. As I looked through the romance category I was surprised to realize how many of the nominated books were part of a series. Of the 20 nomees, 13 books are installments in a series.

In my little bubble, I had no idea how popular the series was in the romance genre. I have always thought of it as being the domain of the science fiction or fantasy genre.

If you are a romance reader, do you prefer to read a single novel and move on to a different world? Or do you enjoy moving through a series of books that have the same overall cast of characters?
Please take my poll on Facebook (and then share with your friends!).

'Harry Potter' super-dork proposed with a ring box appropriate for his chosen one. | Dating

'Harry Potter' super-dork proposed with a ring box appropriate for his chosen one

This combines approximately 17 of my favourite things, plus the newly-betrothed are both adorable! :)

The forgotten survivors of AIDS | SF Chronicle

The forgotten survivors of AIDS is a lengthy but important article, for several reasons:

We read and write largely about fictional characters who are young, healthy, beautiful, virile.Any characters with AIDS are, again, often young and otherwise healthy; or young and dying.In the real world, for the last 35 years preventing death has seemed to be the be-all and end-all of AIDS-related research dollars, with too little consideration given to how to care for the unique needs of those who keep living. This article puts several very real faces on aging men living with AIDS.

Guest Post on The Novel Approach Blog

Today is my daughter's birthday. She and I went on an road trip yesterday to see her favourite band. It was her first real concert, and she loved it! The band, R5, put on a fantastic show, and we fist-pumped and danced in the rows, and screamed till we were nearly hoarse. :) Awesome weekend!

Which is why I'm a bit late in sharing my final guest post in my Run blog tour. The Novel Approach Reviews blog hosted me on Friday, March 4. It's about what got me interested in gay fiction in the first place. Please click the icon below to read!

Love Bytes Reviews blog - Exclusive Excerpt and Giveaway!

Thank you to Love Bytes Reviews for hosting my blog tour on March 1 and featuring an exclusive excerpt from Run! Click the button below to visit their site, and comment on their blog post before March 7th for a chance to win a digital copy of any single title from the Dreamspinner Press catalogue!

Justin Trudeau will be the first Canadian PM to march in Toronto Pride Parade

Trudeau to be 1st Canadian PM to march in gay pride parade – LGBTQ Nation

I'll admit, I didn't vote for the Liberal party in October's election - I am a longtime supporter of the New Democratic Party - but I was thrilled with the results anyway. I've had a crush on Justin Trudeau since 1987, when Canadian Living (a women's monthly magazine in Canada) did a focus article on his mother, then Margaret Trudeau-Kemper, and her life and remarriage after her marriage to Pierre Trudeau ended. In the family photo included with the article, her oldest son had curly brown hair, a big smile, and even bigger, dorky glasses...and I was hooked. :)

I can't find the exact picture from the magazine, but here's another from that vintage that made my twelve year old heart skip a beat:

At a Montreal Expos game with his dad

Guest post + giveaway on Dreamspinner Press Blog

I am very happy and grateful to be associated with Dreamspinner Press, the publishers of Run. Every person I've dealt with over the course of readying Run for publication has been a consummate professional.

This guest post is also a giveaway! I'm giving away a free digital copy of Run to those who comment on the post on the Dreamspinner blog by March 3. Click the link below to have a look!

Guest Post on the Gay Book Reviews Blog

The Gay Book Reviews blog was kind enough to host me today! Thank you to Gigi for your kind welcome. :)

"For a number of reasons, not every author is comfortable being “out” as a writer. Writing in general, perhaps with the exception of journalism, is a pretty solitary endeavour; and before an author is published in whatever genre they write, many are hesitant to self-identify, especially those of us who have a “real” job..."

Click the link button below to read on! 

The Canadian Navy makes history

The traditional "first kiss" when a naval ship returns from a deployment, is an honour for one sailor, determined by raffle. When the HMCS Winnipeg returned to port in Victoria, B.C., this week after eight months at sea, Master Seaman Francis Legare had the privilege of the first kiss with his boyfriend, Corey Vautour. It's believed to be first time in the Canadian Navy that two men shared this moment.

It made my heart swell to watch this:

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Happy Valentine's Day!

A grownup Valentine, courtesy of Fowl Language Comics:

Yes, I goddamn do think you're dino-mite! :) Happy Valentine's Day!

Where can you buy Run? Everywhere!

Less than two weeks until Run hits the shelves! Pre-order links for many third-party vendors are now available. Find your favourite below!

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Guest Posts coming up!

As the release date for Run gets closer (have you seen my countdown timer? Scroll down!), I am hard at work writing some guest posts that will be featured on several blogs in the romance world. Beginning on Release Day, watch for links to my posts (and a couple of giveaways!) on the Dreamspinner Press Blog, Gay Book Reviews, Love Bytes Reviews, and The Novel Approach!

In the meantime, it's Romance Week on GoodReads, and they've got some fun stuff planned throughout the week leading up to Valentine's Day. What's the best romantic line you've ever read in a book? Mine is a heartbreaker, because I love the angst:

"Do you think, because I am poor, obscure, plain, and little, I am soulless and heartless? You think wrong! — I have as much soul as you — and full as much heart! And if God had gifted me with some beauty and much wealth, I should have made it as hard for you to leave me, as it is now for me to leave you." - Charlotte Bronte, Jane Eyre


The 'earth' without 'art' is just 'eh'.

Run - Coming Soon from Dreamspinner Press

On February 26, 2016, my debut novel, Run, will be published by Dreamspinner Press.

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