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Justin Trudeau will be the first Canadian PM to march in Toronto Pride Parade

Trudeau to be 1st Canadian PM to march in gay pride parade – LGBTQ Nation

I'll admit, I didn't vote for the Liberal party in October's election - I am a longtime supporter of the New Democratic Party - but I was thrilled with the results anyway. I've had a crush on Justin Trudeau since 1987, when Canadian Living (a women's monthly magazine in Canada) did a focus article on his mother, then Margaret Trudeau-Kemper, and her life and remarriage after her marriage to Pierre Trudeau ended. In the family photo included with the article, her oldest son had curly brown hair, a big smile, and even bigger, dorky glasses...and I was hooked. :)

I can't find the exact picture from the magazine, but here's another from that vintage that made my twelve year old heart skip a beat:

At a Montreal Expos game with his dad

Guest post + giveaway on Dreamspinner Press Blog

I am very happy and grateful to be associated with Dreamspinner Press, the publishers of Run. Every person I've dealt with over the course of readying Run for publication has been a consummate professional.

This guest post is also a giveaway! I'm giving away a free digital copy of Run to those who comment on the post on the Dreamspinner blog by March 3. Click the link below to have a look!

Guest Post on the Gay Book Reviews Blog

The Gay Book Reviews blog was kind enough to host me today! Thank you to Gigi for your kind welcome. :)

"For a number of reasons, not every author is comfortable being “out” as a writer. Writing in general, perhaps with the exception of journalism, is a pretty solitary endeavour; and before an author is published in whatever genre they write, many are hesitant to self-identify, especially those of us who have a “real” job..."

Click the link button below to read on! 

The Canadian Navy makes history

The traditional "first kiss" when a naval ship returns from a deployment, is an honour for one sailor, determined by raffle. When the HMCS Winnipeg returned to port in Victoria, B.C., this week after eight months at sea, Master Seaman Francis Legare had the privilege of the first kiss with his boyfriend, Corey Vautour. It's believed to be first time in the Canadian Navy that two men shared this moment.

It made my heart swell to watch this:

Sale at Dreamspinner - 25% the entire store!

Pssst - Dreamspinner Press is having a 25% off sale throughout the entire store, from February 23 - February 26! Hurry over now to pick up a few soon-to-be favourites! :)

Happy Valentine's Day!

A grownup Valentine, courtesy of Fowl Language Comics:

Yes, I goddamn do think you're dino-mite! :) Happy Valentine's Day!

Where can you buy Run? Everywhere!

Less than two weeks until Run hits the shelves! Pre-order links for many third-party vendors are now available. Find your favourite below!

Amazon US - Kindle 
Amazon Canada - Kindle


Barnes & Noble - Nook

All Romance - PDF, epub, mobi

Apple iBooks - (Link for the book is coming soon; until then, then link to the left is my author page on iBooks)

And of course, the paperback is available from Dreamspinner Press

Guest Posts coming up!

As the release date for Run gets closer (have you seen my countdown timer? Scroll down!), I am hard at work writing some guest posts that will be featured on several blogs in the romance world. Beginning on Release Day, watch for links to my posts (and a couple of giveaways!) on the Dreamspinner Press Blog, Gay Book Reviews, Love Bytes Reviews, and The Novel Approach!

In the meantime, it's Romance Week on GoodReads, and they've got some fun stuff planned throughout the week leading up to Valentine's Day. What's the best romantic line you've ever read in a book? Mine is a heartbreaker, because I love the angst:

"Do you think, because I am poor, obscure, plain, and little, I am soulless and heartless? You think wrong! — I have as much soul as you — and full as much heart! And if God had gifted me with some beauty and much wealth, I should have made it as hard for you to leave me, as it is now for me to leave you." - Charlotte Bronte, Jane Eyre


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