Justin Trudeau will be the first Canadian PM to march in Toronto Pride Parade

Trudeau to be 1st Canadian PM to march in gay pride parade – LGBTQ Nation

I'll admit, I didn't vote for the Liberal party in October's election - I am a longtime supporter of the New Democratic Party - but I was thrilled with the results anyway. I've had a crush on Justin Trudeau since 1987, when Canadian Living (a women's monthly magazine in Canada) did a focus article on his mother, then Margaret Trudeau-Kemper, and her life and remarriage after her marriage to Pierre Trudeau ended. In the family photo included with the article, her oldest son had curly brown hair, a big smile, and even bigger, dorky glasses...and I was hooked. :)

I can't find the exact picture from the magazine, but here's another from that vintage that made my twelve year old heart skip a beat:

At a Montreal Expos game with his dad


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