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Romance novels or romance series?

Recently Goodreads posted their Best of 2015 genre lists. As I looked through the romance category I was surprised to realize how many of the nominated books were part of a series. Of the 20 nomees, 13 books are installments in a series.

In my little bubble, I had no idea how popular the series was in the romance genre. I have always thought of it as being the domain of the science fiction or fantasy genre.

If you are a romance reader, do you prefer to read a single novel and move on to a different world? Or do you enjoy moving through a series of books that have the same overall cast of characters?
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'Harry Potter' super-dork proposed with a ring box appropriate for his chosen one. | Dating

'Harry Potter' super-dork proposed with a ring box appropriate for his chosen one

This combines approximately 17 of my favourite things, plus the newly-betrothed are both adorable! :)

The forgotten survivors of AIDS | SF Chronicle

The forgotten survivors of AIDS is a lengthy but important article, for several reasons:

We read and write largely about fictional characters who are young, healthy, beautiful, virile.Any characters with AIDS are, again, often young and otherwise healthy; or young and dying.In the real world, for the last 35 years preventing death has seemed to be the be-all and end-all of AIDS-related research dollars, with too little consideration given to how to care for the unique needs of those who keep living. This article puts several very real faces on aging men living with AIDS.

Guest Post on The Novel Approach Blog

Today is my daughter's birthday. She and I went on an road trip yesterday to see her favourite band. It was her first real concert, and she loved it! The band, R5, put on a fantastic show, and we fist-pumped and danced in the rows, and screamed till we were nearly hoarse. :) Awesome weekend!

Which is why I'm a bit late in sharing my final guest post in my Run blog tour. The Novel Approach Reviews blog hosted me on Friday, March 4. It's about what got me interested in gay fiction in the first place. Please click the icon below to read!

Love Bytes Reviews blog - Exclusive Excerpt and Giveaway!

Thank you to Love Bytes Reviews for hosting my blog tour on March 1 and featuring an exclusive excerpt from Run! Click the button below to visit their site, and comment on their blog post before March 7th for a chance to win a digital copy of any single title from the Dreamspinner Press catalogue!