There are no words for how angry and heartbroken I am at the senseless killings of dozens of people in Orlando early this morning. There are so many issues at play in this situation: Hatred. Intolerance. Gun control. Mental health. The right to every person on earth to live their authentic life, free from fear that their government or fellow citizens or even their families may decide that this person's life threatens them to the extent that they feel entitled to commit murder. In the name of whatever god they worship? If your god wants you to murder others to make him happy, YOU'RE WORSHIPING THE WRONG DAMN GOD. ‪#‎orlando‬ ‪#‎lgbt‬ ‪#‎pride‬ ‪#‎ally‬

The City of Orlando is maintaining a page with the names of the victims of this morning's shooting, as they are identified and their next of kin notified.


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