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Battling the post-summer blues

Ahem. **mic tap** So, it's Labour Day. Which, as we all know, means the end of summer (here in the northern hemisphere, at least!). My kiddos go back to school tomorrow. We'll have a few last gasps of hot, sticky weather, but the nights have already started to cool.

We've had a few really gross winters here, with extremely cold temps, a ton of snow, and they seemed almost never ending. When this summer began, I promised myself I was going to make the best of it. I think we succeeded: we went to the beach twice as often as we usually do. We went on a great family trip where we saw parts of Ontario that we've never been to before.

And now I'm thinking, why can't I make the same commitment to myself for the fall? I don't usually mind September & October too much (October has my anniversary in it, after all), but November is a challenge. Daylight savings ends, it gets dark at five o'clock, the leaves are off the trees, and the world is gr…