My life in 2017

Hi! Gosh, it's been over 7 months since I last posted. Almost enough time to gestate a baby, and certainly enough time to have gestated a new book...if only I hadn't failed so profoundly at item 2 on that list (and no intention of ever going near item 1 again, pinky-promise). The worst of the weather is behind us, and already halfway through the month of April. I love spring. It is good for my soul to see the grass green up, the light green haze that appears in the trees seemingly overnight as they bud out, the warm days and longer evenings.

It hasn't been an easy half-year in the Annie K household. This winter we lost my grandmother and my husband's uncle in the space of a couple of weeks. Parenting a teen has been a challenge and, at times, a heartbreak. Unfortunately it has really taken a toll on both my creativity and my motivation, and while I've done a bit of work on it, I've found it's been way too tempting to find other things to do, or to just waste time. In the last few weeks I've working on another hobby I really enjoy - knitting - and working on a baby blanket for a friend's daughter.

In the meantime I'm putting a lot of mental energy into planning the home reno we're going to undertake starting next fall - new kitchen, new furnace, water treatment system, several new windows, some new walls and changes of plumbing, any number of decor upgrades and changes, flooring, and that's just indoors. Next summer we'll work on the outside. But before we start the renos in the fall, we have a lot of sorting, donating, chucking and just general "editing" of our possessions, and we're going to give ourselves some time to work on that so that we aren't rushing through it or spending all our time working on it. On the kitchen side of things, I'm seriously leaning toward an IKEA kitchen. We are trying to be as frugal as possible with this reno in order to make our budget stretch as far as we can, and although one of my husband's former jobs was as a kitchen installer, we're going to hire someone to do the install for us. Kitchens are so picky, shimming cabinets and blah blah, and I don't want my hubs to get so annoyed by it all that he doesn't want to do any of the rest of it. So I figure we'll get that done, and then let it ripple out from there. At least we'll have our beautiful new kitchen as we work on the rest of it. :)

Two months until the end of school here, and while it seems early for the kids' gears to start to grind as they approach the end of term, that seems to be what's happening. But I've got a couple of weeks off over the summer, with some camping trips planned and perhaps renting a cottage for a few days. And the beach...lots of trips to the beach! Can't wait! 

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